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Few aspects of better preparation to ease stress for user and faster turn around time, applicable for home, office or other out-of-hospital locations .

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Receive Ambulance Service in Patna At Competitive Rate- Emergency Life Support Services

Patna is the capital of Bihar and it is moreover the largest city in the state where accessible extremely low-cost Ambulance Service from one hospital to another closest hospital. The Cardiac medical facilities preferred by Ambulance services in Patna serve service at your door. There is the comprehensive transfer of patients from door to door under the crew of Doctors with advanced life support. In Ambulance Cost in Patna, there is a great association of ICU, CCU and EMT conveniences are delivered to particular patients. We provide the Doctor and trained lady nurse in our services that are anytime illustrated for your loved ones who are taking care of them by rendering the use of the delinquent and state-of-the-art life support medical equipment.


Human Care Cardiac and Air Ambulance Services are always there for transferring serious patients to their objectives within a short duration at a reasonable amount. Our Ground Ambulance services stimulate every emergency & critical concern. According to the patients requirements, we always charge a cheap and economical transportation fee with 24x7 service availability across the country and worldwide. Our Ground Ambulance services from Patna to Delhi include small-sized and full-sized ambulance vehicles with every medication and life support equipment. This includes pulse oximeters, cardiac monitors, multi-parameter monitors, suction machines, ventilators, pacemakers, nebulizers, oxygen, BiPAP, as well as emergency treatments.

  • Professional and advanced medical dispatchers for our Ground Ambulance services.

  • High-accommodated and well-equipped with CCU, MICU, and ICU equipment in the Ground Ambulance in Patna transfer process.

  • Round-the-clock & throughout the year the same response be it at midnight or daytime.

  • Responsible, fast, and quick services available along with reasonable charges

  • Quality, transparent, hygienic, and experienced personnel is what makes a difference to us in terms of transferring patients from one place to another

  • Not only our services are economical, but they also appear as a blessing to those patients who can`t fly due to medical cases or can`t afford the air ambulance service. As per the patient`s conditions, 2-3 family members are permitted to attend to the patient. Our efficient team daily revises them about the patient`s condition. The experts at Human Care Cardiac Ambulance In Patna and Air Ambulance Services take the patient`s quick history of the past and present medical records and then ready the action plan as per the same. Our AC ambulance pantomimes the ICU (Intensive Care Unit) environment. Complete ambulance of ours has specialist doctors such as Neurologists, Cardiologists, Orthopaedic, Anaesthesiologist, and critical care consultants etc, as well as experienced paramedics or nurses. Before shifting with the patient to the desired location, our specialists always ask for the medication which was requested through the recent serving doctors and then send every medicine prescribed by him.

    Experienced and Safe Medical Ambulance Born in Root during Emergency Evacuation Services in Patna

    Road Ambulance Services from Patna are continuing on BLS and ALS facilities in emergency vehicles. BLS stands for Basic Life Support and in which the great stable and common patients are transmitted easily, it has mainly like semi-ICU while ALS stands for Advanced Life Supports and in which the vastly serious patients are carried to transfer one hospital to another hospital. ALS has primarily like ICU theatre and all the types of equipment such as ventilator cardiac monitor, suction monitor, infusion pump, oxygen cylinders etc. Certainly, it is more time leading ambulance services but it is cheaper than Air or Train Ambulance Services. It is used and hired by the clients only for a quick distance and during this transportation, it is the best option for the patients transferring. ICU Ambulance Services in Patna has a grand and high-level ground ambulance provider in all over India. It is because it is providing its serious services all over India due to this reason It has become a brand name on casual service delivering.

    The salient features of Ground Ambulance Services:

  • Low cost available to serious and normal patients.

  • Available any time 24 * 7 hours.

  • Low distance economical and quickest services

  • ALS- Advanced Life Support

  • BLS- Basic Life Support

  • Easily and anytime ready to pick any patient up.

  • Call Ambulance Together we save lives. Faster

    Patient Transport ambulance is the most basic type of transport available to patients requiring ambulatory support for their healthcare appoints, or for admission to and discharge from hospital.

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    ACLS / ICU / Cardiac Ambulance

    Patna Ambulance is available with the Facility of Portable ICU/Cardiac Setup in an Ambulance; you can shift any Critical Patients with the Professional Medical Team.

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    AC / Non-AC Ambulance

    Patna Ambulance has Several Ambulance available to serve your need which fits your budget and extra support of the Specialist Medical Team.

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    BLS Ambulance Service

    Patna Ambulance is available with the Basic Life Support Ambulance to facilitate the citizen of Patna for Normal Patient Shifting.

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    Freezer Corpse / Coffin Box Ambulance

    Patna Ambulance is entirely dedicated to serve Corpse boxes, freezer boxes and Corpse Ambulance to the with respect and hygiene.

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    Few aspects of better preparation to ease stress for user and faster turn around time, applicable for home, office or other out-of-hospital locations

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